Where values and technology
ignite to inspire growth

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FireWork is the manifestation of the “spark” that happens when like-minded people connect to create dream partnerships. It’s the excitement, the pay off, the simultaneous sense of arrival paired with the rush of potential.

It’s the knowledge that nothing happens by itself: everything is a reaction,
everything has energy, and everything leads to something new.

When dream partnerships happen, the connection creates fire — momentum, progress, velocity — and, with work and care, that fire grows. It burns so brightly that it can be seen for miles around. It catches attention, it spreads, it inspires.

FireWork creates opportunities.

We know that the right partnerships — the right fit at the right time — can change the trajectory of a career or a business. But, for so long, those partnerships have been difficult to create.

Founder Nate Behar wanted to build a space that simplified the search for meaningful partnerships. He combined that desire with the power of values-driven technology, and FireWork was born.

FireWork is where athletes can find equitable opportunities with brand partners that speak the same way as they do, believe the same things they do, and strive to inspire the same positive impacts in their communities.

With technology and humanity intertwined, FireWork creates opportunities for brands big and small, and for athletes at every phase in their career.

Meet our founder:
Nate Behar.

As a professional football player, Nate Behar knows that nearly every athlete in the industry wants to work with brands. Whether it’s for a one-time campaign or a career-spanning endorsement, the challenge is not to find a brand partner, but to find the right brand partner.

He wanted to create a solution that allowed athletes of all types, from hometown heroes to international icons, to find their dream partnerships, and in doing so, create opportunities for businesses to launch themselves into the ranks of global powerhouses by aligning with the world’s most influential athletes.

FireWork is the solution.

“Sports connect people. Athletes connect with people. We all have the ability, if granted the opportunity, to connect with our communities and make impacts, and brands know this, which is why we want to help businesses grow, help athletes achieve, and really ignite the possible for everybody involved.”

Nate Behar - Founder, FireWork

We inspire

We help brands and athletes grow through mutually beneficial connections rooted in common values and goals.

When like-minded people and brands work together, they create opportunities that inspire career, business, and personal growth.

Every step of the way, we give our clients the support and tools they need to achieve their dreams.

No matter what phase our athletes and brands are at in their career trajectory, they can count on FireWork to back them up. We’ll always be there to simplify communication, ideation, creation, and growth, so they can nurture their relationships and momentum.

We create dream

We create opportunities for athletes to support themselves as they live authentically and in alignment with their values and beliefs.

Our focus is to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships that inspire positive change in our clients’ communities.

In the end, it’s about helping athletes and brands develop streamlined, fair, and equitable dream partnerships.

We combine technology and core values to help athletes and brands turn transactions into equitable partnerships that inspire growth.

Everything we do is driven by human values, inspired by authentic connection, and dedicated to mutual growth.

We know that when common values and goals shape the foundation of a collaborative relationship, brands and athletes connect on a deeper level.

You’ll find FireWork where technology and humanity meet. Our proprietary technological innovations create and support an accessible, sustainable, human-centric culture in the influencer industry.

Find your spark

Athletes and brands trust us to build lasting connections based on shared human virtues.
FireWork partnerships run deep, grow strong, and fly far.

Our app puts career growth in the palm of your hand. Your next great project, authentic endorsement, or team success is just a download away.

Your dream partnership awaits.